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The Great Outdoors Gun Shop is the best stocked gun shop from Denver to Kansas City.  We usually stock over 1,000 guns. We are also a Class III dealer and have well over 100 suppressors in stock at any given time.  We strive to make our customers feel welcome and provide great customer service.  

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Case Hardened Desert Eagle .44mag. 

News and Events

We are now a Smith & Wesson American Guardians dealer with discounted pricing on select Smith and Wesson firearms.  Persons eligible for  this program are current and retired first responders, LE academy cadets, state licensed security officers, federal flight deck officers, court judges, county attorneys and veterans with honorable discharged DD-214.  All sales must include copies of proof of employment and a statement of compliance with the program. 


KDWP conducted netting operations in Lake Atwood and observed Crappie in the waters.  KDWP recommends that all Crappie caught be kept and do not release them back into the waters, but you still need to be in compliance with state creel limits.

Reminder: Please do not shoot exploding binary targets at the RCSA range. They have been banned from the range due to damage caused and neighbor complaints.  

Remember, we put on a weekly radio show with local radio station KYVZ on 106.1FM every Friday morning at about 9:05am. If you are out of the area, you may use the TuneIn Radio app on your computer or device.

New on the shelf...

We are starting a "blog" type list of daily events, starting with the date and what we have received or put out that day. Let me know if you like it. 

Starting immediately, powder and primers will be sold in-store only.  No phone orders or hold backs. 

We do not currently have a full time gunsmith in the shop. Be sure to check back periodically to see when we replace the gunsmith.

We are a new dealer for the Mantis X training system.  Stop by and take a look. 

July 2022

          We have finally received the Exothermic UBF (Under Barrel Flamethrower).  Yes, you heard it right, a weapon mounted flame thrower. We have also received a bit of Hornady 22-250 ammo for your purchasing pleasure. 

June 2022

          We have seen more ATF Form 4's coming back lately. More ammo has become available in the last month. Most items are still hard to find.  

May 2022

          Lots of stuff has been coming in.   We have Browning Safes in stock, plenty of .22lr ammo, 12ga. , and 9mm in 1000rnd cases.  Returning eForm4 applications have almost stopped.  We have not had a form4 return in a few weeks now.  


          We now have a current wait time tracker on the Class III sales info page.  We are starting to see eForms Form 4 applications returning. 


         We have received quite a bit of ammo lately, among them are Winchester .22lr (we are selling that by the case), several different kinds of other .22lr, .380acp, 9mm, 12ga pheasant loads, and a few others.  We are also lifting some of the limits on ammo to better help our walk in customers.  Enjoy!


Check out the Gun Sales page to check out our current inventory, updated every Monday afternoon (unless we get super busy, then it could be Tuesday, or Wednesday, you get the picture). 

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