The Great Outdoors Gun Shop is the best stocked gun shop from Denver to Kansas City.  We usually stock over 1,000 guns. We are also a Class III dealer and have well over 100 suppressors in stock at any given time.  We strive to make our customers feel welcome and provide great customer service.  

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Exothermic Flamethrowers now in stock. 

News and Events

There will not be a Rawlins County Sportsman Banquet this year.  We will reassess the possibility of a banquet in the spring after the first of the year. 

With the current surge in gun and ammo sales, we ask that when you call the gun shop, if you can be efficient as possible on your inquiries.  Part numbers for the item you are looking for are very important. Guns, ammo and accessories are going out the door at a record rate.  Please be patient with us as we are helping customers at the counter at the same time we are on the phone.   Thank you for your patronage.  Jim. 

We are now an authorized dealer for Caesar Guerini shotguns.  Stop by and take a look at our selection.  

KDWP conducted netting operations in Lake Atwood and observed Crappie in the waters.  KDWP recommends that all Crappie caught be kept and do not release them back into the waters.

Reminder: Please do not shoot exploding binary targets at the RCSA range. They have been banned from the range due to damage caused and neighbor complaints.  

Remember, we put on a weekly radio show with local radio station KYVZ on 106.1FM every Friday morning at about 9:05am. If you are out of the area, you may use the TuneIn Radio app on your computer or device.

Check out the Gun Sales page to check out our current inventory, updated every Monday afternoon (unless we get super busy, then it could be Tuesday, or Wednesday, you get the picture). 

Make sure to send in your hunting pics and we will put them on our "Customer Trophies" page.