We stock suppressors from several manufacturers such as Thunder Beast Arms, GemTech, SilencerCo, YHM, Surefire, AAC, Ruger, Silencer Tech and Rugged Suppressors.

At this time, it seems like the new bar-coded Form 4 is taking about 4-10 months to be approved by the ATF.

The process to obtain a suppressor for an individual, or any other Class III item, is as follows.

1.  Pick out the exact suppressor you want.

2.  Provide us with your legal name, address, date of birth, place of birth, social security #, picture and fingerprints.

3.  We will fill out all the necessary paperwork to be sent to the ATF.

4.  Provide a check or credit card information for the $200 processing fee.  

5.  Wait a few months for the application to get approved.  When it gets back, we will call you to come pick it up.

6.  To pick up your item, you need to fill out a 4473, but there is no background check.

The process for a trust is a little bit more in depth.  In addition to the above, there is a Responsible Person Questionnaire that has to be filled out for each responsible person on the trust as well as fingerprint cards for them.  Also needed is the articles of incorporation or trust documents.  The American Suppressor Association is a good source of information for industry news and education. 

At this time, we are only doing form 4 paperwork during the week. We would encourage customers to make an appointment to make sure Jim will be in the shop to start the paperwork.  Plan to take up to an hour for the paperwork process to be completed. 

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