We stock suppressors from several manufacturers such as Thunder Beast Arms, OSS, Griffin ArmamentGemTech, SilencerCo, YHM, Surefire, AAC, Ruger, Silencer Tech and Rugged Suppressors.


Before you show up to start paperwork on an NFA item, you first need to go to… https://eforms.atf.gov/ …and register on their site with your personal information (scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the green “Register” button). You will be issued a unique login name such as “JSMITH12345” and you will need the PIN# that you create.  The ATF will email you with your new login name. These two things are what you need to complete the final certification step at the end of the form submission process.  

When you register on the eforms site, you only need to do the eforms registration once for any suppressor you want.  If you register as a trust, only one of the individuals on the trust needs to have their login name and PIN.  If you register as a trust or corporation, I need a digital copy of the trust or the articles of incorporation.

We only do the NFA process with an appointment to make sure we can dedicate time to you and the process.


When the forms are approved, both the customer and the dealer will receive an email that contains the approved form.  That document is all that is needed to pick up the item and take it home with the completion of a standard 4473.  


Current NFA wait times:

04/04/22, eForm4 Individual, Submitted 01/31/22: 63 days 

04/08/22, eForm4 Individual, Submitted 01/18/22: 80 days

04/14/22, eForm4 Individual, Submitted 01/20/22: 84 days

04/14/22, Paper Form4 Individual, Submitted 02/25/21: 413 days x 3

04/14/22, Paper Form4 Individual, Submitted 04/09/21: 370 days

04/16/22, Paper Form4 Individual, Submitted 03/10/21: 402 days

04/16/22, Paper Form4 Individual, Submitted 03/25/21: 387 days

04/16/22, Paper Form4 Individual, Submitted 04/01/21: 380 days

04/18/22, eForm4 Individual, Submitted 01/21/22: 88 days

04/20/22, eForm4 Individual, Submitted 01/20/22: 90 days 

04/26/22, eForm4 Individual, Submitted 01/26/22: 90 days

05/25/22, eForm4 Individual, Submitted 01/31/22: 115 days

05/27/22, Paper Form4 Individual, Submitted 05/11/21: 382 days x 3

06/01/22, eForm4 Individual, Submitted 02/01/22: 121 days x 2

06/08/22, eForm4 Individual, Submitted 02/04/22: 125 days

06/17/22, Paper Form4 Individual, Submitted 04/12/21: 432 days

06/21/22, Paper Form4 Individual, Submitted 03/15/21: 464 days

06/21/22, Paper Form4 Individual, Submitted 04/06/21: 376 days

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