Rawlins County Sportsman's Association

The Great Outdoors Gun Shop works closely with the Rawlins County Sportsman's Association (RCSA) with membership sales and shoot advertisement.  Memberships are sold at the gun shop and are payable in cash or check. Dues are $50 for a single membership and $60 for a family membership. Memberships are due on the first Saturday of February at the annual RCSA banquet.


The gun range is located NW of Atwood and has several ranges available to shooters.  The handgun range is concrete from 10 yards to 25 yards with several different metal targets and also a 4'x8' target board. The main rifle range is used for several different purposes and has several covered and open benches.  There are silhouette targets used for IHMSA shoots, 100 yard, 200 yard and 300 yard target boards.  There are also several different metal targets hung at ranges from 50 yards out to 800 meters.  There is a dedicated 100 yard sight in range and a .22lr silhouette range. We have the best and longest range in the area and host many shoots during the year.  Across the road to the north of the rifle range, we have a 3 position trap range and a skeet range. 


As with any of the shoots that the RCSA has, you do not have to be a member to participate.  If you would like to observe at a shoot or two before you compete, that would be perfectly fine.  

The RCSA has their own Facebook page available here: 


Current officers:

President:     Greg Green

Vice Pres :     Ken Smith

Secretary:     Tim Colgan

Treasurer:     Tim Colgan

Exec board @ large:  Jim Engel

Exec board @ large:  Scott Carlson

Exec board @ large:  Mike Schnee

Exec board @ large:  Wilbur Henry

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Long Range Shoot

The Long Range Shoot is divided up between 3 different classes. There is a 1 minute sighting period before each yardage change. Everyone shoots at the same targets and they are painted before each run.

     Heavy Gun:  Centerfire rifle weighing 11.5 pounds or more. Shoot 5 rounds at each distance of 400m, 500m, 600m, 700m and 800m.

     Light Gun:    Centerfire rifle weighing under 11.5 pounds. Shoot 5 rounds at each distance of 200y, 300y, 400m, 500m and 600m. 

     Semi Auto:  Semi auto rifles regardless of weight.  Shoot 5 rounds at each distance of 200y, 300y, 400m, 500m and 600m. 


The long range shoots will be held on the 3rd Sunday of the month, weather pending. 

.22LR Challenge

This is a fun shoot specifically for .22lr rifles.  There are different coarses of fire and they sometimes change between matchs to keep it fun. The ranges usually are from 15 yards to 200 yards. All you need is a .22lr rifle with a scope.

The new date for the .22lr shoots is the first Sunday of the month. Always look at the RCSA Facebook page to confirm if a shoot will be held.

Stages may differ from those below.  

Stage 1 Cold Bore 
5rds 200yds 4” and 8” circles 1min
4”= 2 points 8”= 1 point 10 points max

Stage 2 Shooting Gallery
15rds 100yds Caldwell Shooting Gallery 2mins
1pt each 15 points max

Stage 3 Barricade Diamonds
Shoot from each of the 3 outside positions on barricade, 5 shots at each target
15rds 50yds, 75yds, and 100yds 2” diamonds 2.5mins
1pt each 15 points max

Stage 4 Sasquatch and Coyote
Shoot from picnic table 5rds each at the Sasquatch at 150yds and the Coyote at 200yds
10rds 150yds and 200yds 2mins
1pt each 10 points max

Stage 5 Cards and Matches
10rds 35yds 2mins
Match = 1 point Card = 2points 20 points max

Stage 6 Know Your Limits
Shoot targets large to small, can stop at any time and keep your points but if you miss get zero points and start over shooting support side.
15rds 50yds 2mins
1pt each 8 points max

Stage 7 Tee Time
Shoot golf ball starting at 25yds, continue shooting the same ball until you miss.
10rds 25yds 1min
1pt each 10 points max

80 rounds 88 points


These shoots follow the International Handgun Metallic Sihlouette Association (IHMSA) guidelines.

For more information, you can call Tom Carroll daytime @785-626-3732 or evenings @ 785-626-3625.

Second Sunday of the month at 9am. April through October.

Trap Shoot

Trap shoots are not ATA certified but use the rules set forth in the ATA guidelines.  There are several trap shoots in the area and ours is usually on the third Tuesday of the month and go from April until October.  The last shoot in October is usually on a Sunday.

Always the third Tuesday of the month @6pm. April through September. October shoot is the first Sunday.

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